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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
4th Grade Math/Science Teacher-Apex05/31/2023CertifiedTMSA Triangle ApexApply
Athletic Coordinator05/30/2023CertifiedTMSA Triad SecondaryApply
Dean of Students Culture-Greensboro05/30/2023Campus AdministrativeTMSA Triad SecondaryApply
Facilities Specialist - Charlotte05/30/2023ClassifiedTMSA Charlotte SecondaryApply
3-5 Teacher-Charlotte05/30/2023CertifiedTMSA Charlotte ESApply
EC Teacher- Charlotte05/30/2023CertifiedTMSA Charlotte SecondaryApply
Receptionist and Lunch Server - Charlotte05/26/2023ClassifiedTMSA Charlotte SecondaryApply
Part time - Lunch Support05/25/2023Food ServiceTMSA Triad SecondaryApply
MS Science Teacher-Greensboro05/25/2023CertifiedTMSA Triad SecondaryApply
K-5 Reading Specialist- Greensboro05/25/2023CertifiedTMSA Triad ESApply
Receptionist and Lunch Server - Charlotte05/25/2023ClassifiedTMSA Charlotte ESApply
EC Support - Cary05/22/2023CertifiedTMSA Triangle Cary (K-8)Apply
Speech Pathologist-Cary/Apex05/22/2023CertifiedTMSA Triangle Cary (K-8)Apply
Biology Teacher-TMSA Triangle Apex05/16/2023CertifiedTMSA Triangle ApexApply
Data, Assessment & Accountability Coordinator-Cary05/15/2023CertifiedTMSA Triangle Cary (K-8)Apply
Speech Pathologist-Charlotte05/15/2023CertifiedTMSA Charlotte SecondaryApply
Speech Pathologist-Greensboro05/15/2023CertifiedTMSA Triad SecondaryApply
District Beginning Teacher Coordinator - Cary05/14/2023CertifiedTMSA Public Charter SchoolsApply
Teacher Assistant-Charlotte05/10/2023ClassifiedTMSA Charlotte ESApply
MS Social Studies Teacher - Charlotte05/10/2023CertifiedTMSA Charlotte SecondaryApply
MS EC Teacher- Greensboro05/04/2023CertifiedTMSA Triad SecondaryApply
Science Pull-Out / Intervention Teacher - Greensboro04/27/2023CertifiedTMSA Triad SecondaryApply
School Counselor- Cary04/27/2023CertifiedTMSA Triangle Cary (K-8)Apply
4th Grade ELA/SS Teacher - Greensboro04/27/2023CertifiedTMSA Triad ESApply
Kindergarten Teacher-Greensboro04/27/2023CertifiedTMSA Triad ESApply
5th Grade Math and Science Teacher-Greensboro04/27/2023CertifiedTMSA Triad ESApply
4th Grade ELA/SS Teacher - Apex04/26/2023CertifiedTMSA ApexApply
ELA Pull-Out / Intervention Teacher - Greensboro04/26/2023Secondary CertifiedTMSA Triad SecondaryApply
Teacher Assistant - Greensboro04/26/2023CertifiedTMSA Triad ESApply
EC Support - Apex04/26/2023CertifiedTMSA ApexApply
Teacher Assistant-Cary04/17/2023CertifiedTMSA Triangle Cary (K-8)Apply
Compliance and Risk Manager04/12/2023Campus AdministrativeTMSA Public Charter SchoolsApply
Part Time ELA Teacher (For Summer School) Greensboro04/10/2023CertifiedTMSA Triad SecondaryApply
Part Time Math Teacher (For Summer School) Greensboro04/10/2023Secondary CertifiedTMSA Triad SecondaryApply
2nd Grade Teacher -Greensboro04/06/2023CertifiedTMSA Triad ESApply
3rd Grade Teacher-Cary03/22/2023CertifiedTMSA Triangle Cary (K-8)Apply
Kindergarten Teacher - Cary03/22/2023CertifiedTMSA Triangle Cary (K-8)Apply
College Advisor - Greensboro03/22/2023CertifiedTMSA Triad SecondaryApply
HS Social Studies Teacher- Greensboro03/18/2023CertifiedTMSA Triad SecondaryApply
Math Pull-Out / Intervention Teacher - Greensboro03/18/2023Secondary CertifiedTMSA Triad SecondaryApply
MS Social Studies Teacher (2023-2024) Cary03/17/2023CertifiedTMSA Triangle Cary (K-8)Apply
PE Teacher (2023-2024) - Charlotte03/16/2023CertifiedTMSA Charlotte SecondaryApply
Nurse - Part Time - Cary and Apex03/13/2023CertifiedTMSA ApexApply
Computer Science Teacher (2023-2024)- Charlotte03/07/2023CertifiedTMSA Charlotte SecondaryApply
K-2 Teacher (SY 23-24)-Charlotte03/07/2023CertifiedTMSA Charlotte ESApply
EC Teacher (SY 23-24) Greensboro03/03/2023CertifiedTMSA Triad ESApply
EC Support (SY 23-24) - Greensboro02/28/2023CertifiedTMSA Triad ESApply
HS English Teacher (SY 23-24)-Charlotte02/22/2023CertifiedTMSA Charlotte SecondaryApply
HS ELA Teacher - (SY 23-24) Greensboro02/17/2023CertifiedTMSA Triad SecondaryApply
MS ELA Teacher - (2023-2024) Greensboro02/08/2023CertifiedTMSA Triad SecondaryApply